Studio Instructors

Lenka Acreman

I was born and raised in Slovakia and immigrated to Canada in 1997. Growing up I always enjoyed different arts and crafts but only discovered ceramics and pottery here in Canada. I took my first pottery class in 2001 and it’s been my on and off passion ever since. Beside the love of creating something beautiful and useful out of a lump of clay,  that will potentially last hundreds of years, I also found a community of people whose friendship and knowledge I’ll treasure forever.

Dennis Burke

Dennis is a long-time Ottawa potter with a background in sculpture and international teaching… He is very much enthused with clay’s creative possibilities and nurturing his student’s artistic voice, as well as knowledge and skills in potting. Dennis runs his own summer studio near Perth and exhibits locally.

Doug Moir

I’ve been making pots for over 30 years now. It sure has been a mud slide of a ride. Studio technician at the Nepean Visual Arts Centre has kept me surrounded by clay, and wonderful people, every day for over 20 years now. Another part of my work at the NVAC is teaching wheel classes. I feel truly blessed to be able to say that i love what i do, and that the passion i feel is still as strong today, as it’s ever been. I love it all, but i have to say that teaching, opening up this world to others, has probably been the most rewarding part. seeing and feeling my students joy is something that has always made me feel so grateful…

Evelyn Leon

Evelyn started making pottery in 2014 and learned to embrace the beauty of “happy accidents” . She likes to push her limits creatively, and, in 2018, was able to leave cubicle land for a career in pottery. She likes to do what she calls Mindful Making. “I take time when I make pieces and am mindful of each aspect (design, handles, decorating, bottoms). I inspect each piece carefully at every stage to ensure the quality is up to my standards and to avoid waste. “

James Thorne

James is a ceramic artist who teaches students across Ottawa and the Valley. He graduated from Nipissing University in 2015 with his Bachelor of Fine Arts and completed an internship with the North Bay Potters Guild. James also operated his own art gallery for several years. “My art practice focuses on exploring alternative wood firing techniques, developing local clays for glazes, tile work and site specific artwork.”

Jordan Danger

Jordan Danger is an award-winning visual artist who has worked in a variety of media over the past twenty years. She is a consummate sculptor and sgraffito artist with a special focus on animal forms. Her works have been used in multiple municipal and NGO projects, and she is known for her adaptive range of styles. Her teaching experience ranges from the Ottawa School of Art to Algonquin College, where she received the Award for Exceptional Teaching. Jordan prides herself on being a supportive, approachable teacher, and aims to help each student discover their own best skills. 

Jen Drysdale

I have been very lucky in my pottery education to have studied with iconic Canadian potters including Harlan House, Robert Tetu, Bruce Cochrane, Carol Anne Michaelson, Wayne Cardinelli and Cathi Jefferson. Here in Ottawa I studied with Carolynne Pynn-Trudeau and Chandler Swain. In 2014 I completed a year-long mentorship program with Tony Clennell that cemented my love of wood firing. I am fortunate to have had so many great teachers over the years who have inspired my love of pottery. Sharing my passion for clay and its endless possibilities with students is incredibly gratifying. Making pots has been a  lifelong preoccupation of mine since high school. My current work concentrates on the exploration of wood firing. While making each piece, I try to imagine how a passing flame of melting ash might trace itself on the form. Firing a wood kiln requires an enormous amount of work and I delight in the camaraderie of the team needed to prepare and tend the fire for over 30 straight hours!