Studio Potters

The Almonte Potters Guild (APG) is a non-profit organization that is dependent on their studio potters to help with the operations of the studio. It’s important to understand that APG operates differently from a community centre or private pottery studio.

We all work together to create a successful studio and almost all through volunteer efforts.

The APG is designed to engage and support experienced potters as hobbyists. We do not have the facilitates to support commercial production.

Studio Potters Application Form

The Studio Potter Handbook

Health and Safety at the APG Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)

Reserve Studio Time

Studio Hours Packages:

Only approved studio potters are eligible to purchase Studio Hours Packages

20 be used within 2 months$180.00
40 be used within 4 months$260.00
60 be used within 6 months$320.00
120 be used within 1 year$460.00
Unlimited hrs.valid for 1 year$1,045.00
Clay *per bag$45.00

*all clay used by studio potters must be purchased through the studio.
The purchase price covers the cost of the clay plus all glazing and firing.