The Crown & Pumpkin is a Thanksgiving Feast of fine art, fine craft and fine food in the Clayton and Almonte areas. The Tour provides the public with an opportunity to meet the artists who share their passion and their stories.

Visit these artists who will be exhibiting at the Almonte Potters Guild – Pottery Studio or at their own studios. Here’s a little preview of what and who you will see.

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Sietze Praamsma

Before moving to North America, I spent a lot of time in Amsterdam around the university, while teaching high school.  I am a geologist and X-ray crystallographer. Saskia, my wife, was already a potter when we first met.

I got into making pots when working on a thesis on clay minerals and talking with graduate pottery students at the University of Wisconsin about technical (geochemistry, mineralogy, physics) clay problems. After moving to Canada I worked as a ceramics technician and teacher at the Sheridan School of Design and worked on establishing the Harbourfront Crafts program in Toronto.

I worked for three years as a CUSO volunteer on a village pottery project in Thamaga, Botswana then returned to Canada and established Clayton Clay Works. I worked on another pottery project in Afghanistan in 2007-08: establishing the Turquoise Mountain School of Pottery in Kabul.

Now I am potting again, both in Clayton and at the Almonte Potters Guild. Because of my technical background I particularly enjoy teaching glaze chemistry classes,in addition to general pottery.

Inspiration: Functional pottery. Experimenting with glazes. Plants, flowers. “Primitive” pottery. Art in general. Working with my hands.