Covid19 Protocols


The following protocols must be observed by all studio potters (based on guidelines set out by both the Canadian and Ontario Governments).

Please follow these protocols stringently to maintain the safety of our members and the community at large.

1. Only 4 Studio Potters are to be in the studio at one time.

2.  Masks must be worn while walking around the studio, but can be removed when you remain stationary at your work space, providing you are always 6 ft. /2 m away from the closest person.

3.  Wash your hands with soap and water in the bathroom when you enter the studio. Use the provided disinfecting wipes to sanitize the taps, sink, doorknobs, (and toilet flush knob if used) after use. Repeat this process any time you use the bathroom.

4.  A solution of Bleach and water must be prepared every morning and dumped every evening. Instructions can be found in the Covid 19 Protocol Binder found on Saskia’s desk. Labelled bottles, gloves and measuring spoons/cups are provided specifically for this use.

5.  All work areas used and surfaces touched by a studio potter must be sanitized before leaving the studio using the bleach/water solution provided. This includes the tables, taps, door handles, light switches, AC/Heat controls etc. Everything you touch.

6.  As much as possible, studio potters are asked to use their own tools. A limited amount of APG-owned tools will be available. All APG tools, glazes, stains, molds etc. must be sanitized using the bleach/water solution after each use.

7.  When possible, both doors should be propped open for air flow through the studio.

8.  Only one person will be allowed in the back room and hallway at a time. Try to collect everything you need in one trip to start your work to minimize movement throughout the studio. There are directional arrows that must be observed for moving about the space.

9.  There are directional arrows that must be observed for moving about the space.

10.  Any actions that do not require reserving a 4 hour block of time, such as dropping off green ware, picking up items or checking on your work must be scheduled with Saskia. There will be availability before and after reserved times, as well as times when 4 people will not be booked in, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

11.  Self-Assessment tools can be found on both the Government of Canada and Government of Ontario websites. Do a self-assessment before coming to the studio. Do you have a cough that’s new or worsening? Chills? Fever? Shortness of breath? Sore throat? Difficulty swallowing? Runny nose? Loss of sense of smell? … If so, stay home.